Aishwarya Sharma, Operations

Before co-founding Do All Work, Aishwarya was a storyteller and actor in theatre. After doing her Masters in Arts in English, from Panjab University, Aishwarya wrote several short stories, poems, plays for theatre and even acted in some. She has been actively involved in various social projects, having worked with children with special abilities and differently abled.

She is also a passionate embroidery artist and in the past have been intrigued by the sustainable fashion movement. As part of her research, she volunteered at Satyameva Integral Community Development Centre where she worked closely with senior embroidery artisans working on different textile materials. In her free time, Aishwarya is usually talking to plants, and thinking of growing more of them.


Deepa Bapat, Associate, UI/UX

Deepa is an engineering grad who worked in IT as a QA engineer in supply chain domain for 2+ years. Her curiosity to figure out ‘how things work’ led her to explore UI/UX and started educating herself in the same through offline and online courses. Later she worked in a startup for couple of years which helped her step up her speed of learning and gave her insights into real product design challenges. Currently she engages with DAW on various design projects, with her interests mainly in finance, education & healthcare.

Besides design, Deepa likes to live an alternate lifestyle, away from a world of unconscious consumption. She is deeply passionate about art in general, yoga, nutrition & spirituality. She likes to travel in nature, volunteer at eco-villages and read non-fiction.


Abhishek Garg, Design & Visual Communication

Abhishek’s journey started in 2010 after graduating in Mechanical Engineering with a job to teach machine design to engineering undergrads, which he quit in 2011 to pursue his aspiration to bring more meaning to his life. This led to a long journey of working with startups and breakthrough business teams, eventually arriving at an expertise of design solutions.

He has worked with more than 20 startups in the past, and also is a core team member of The Morpheus (India’s first and most successful startup accelerator). He has also been an Associate Director for a critically acclaimed film Asmad (Cannes Film Festival 2016) and has been currently working on a world music themed documentary ‘Musica Vita’ as a director and executive producer that features 15 musicians from 15 different countries.

At present, he is engaged with four tech companies, one entertainment company, one conscious clothing label, and an education company as a design partner through do-all-work.

When not at work, Abhishek is usually playing tabla and making music. You can read more about him at his personal blog.


Anvi Dedhia, Associate, UI/UX

Anvi Dedhia is a multidisciplinary designer with a specialisation in Interaction Design from Pearl Academy affiliated with Nottingham Trent university. She was a part of the student exchange at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, for the Interactive Media Design Program for a duration of six months, which helped shape her identity as a designer.

She has gained recognition at the D’source Corona Design Challenge for the winning entry for a service design project (Covsafe) and has passionately worked across industries in bringing the change of experience through design thinking. Her work experience includes working as Senior UI/UX Designer for Accenture.

At present, she is engaged as UI/UX Associate with Do All Work, and focuses on Web & App Design for Healthcare, Clean Energy & Consumer Apps Domains.

When not working, Anvi is usually writing Poems and Proses, often while trekking in Himalayas 🙂


Deepali Shinde, Graphics & Visual Arts

Deepali is moved by the beauty and potential of thoughtful design. She loves and learns from observing and exploring the intersection of nature, art, and design. She has completed her Bachelors in Advertising and Design from the Foundation of Liberal and Management Education (FLAME University), Pune. Since then she has worked with clients across fields of wellness, yoga, music, and natural living.

When not at her work desk, she’ll probably be in transit to someplace or learning about nature through farming, natural building, or being. She is currently working on a piece of land where she has been building a natural home and envisions growing a wild forest there. At DAW, she focuses on illustrating ideas into visual arts, for branding & packaging designs through extensive digital & non-digital methods.


Nayanika Bhatia, Content & Communication

Nayanika understands the power of good storytelling in business and helps organizations get their message across effectively. She has worked with Viacom18 Motion Pictures, acquired a Graphic Design diploma from Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai and has held content writing and communication design roles with many start-ups.

Apart from her professional roles, Nayanika is a traveller who travels to collect stories. She prefers slow travelling through a place in order to experience it deeply, having done long journeys on foot and cycle across India. 

She is currently working on a book about a journey across four Indian states, where she along with a friend walked over 1200 kms without phone and money. She wants to bring the message of hope and resilience through her stories.